Bardi King Gift Set


This set consists of:

1. A magnet box is a great thing for storing chips, will complement any interior and remind anyone who gave it to them; size - 193x146x55 mm;

2. Fabric bag - created to store the contents of the set; material - tarpaulin; size 205x150mm;

3. Natural Boar Brush Brush - Thick and stiff bristles handle the beard perfectly, and can also be used as a head massager to improve circulation; size - 121x58x35 mm;

4. Double-sided comb + eco-leather cover - thanks to different comb density, it will fit any hair, and its compact size allows it to be taken anywhere; size - 97x59x5 mm;

5. Beard oil - you can choose from jojoba, macadamia, squalane or dimethicone; each of the oils has different properties, we will help to find the right one;

6. Beard Balm - Helps style unruly hair and protects against dryness;

7. Scissors + eco-leather cover - Sturdy and compact stainless steel scissors; size - 173x60x5 mm;

8. Envelope with corporate booklet inside - adds atmosphere to such a gift.

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